How rewards caused a 35% increase in customer engagement - Shine On

October 17, 2019

When Fee Kirkpatrick started Shine On, she never imagined it could grow to the size it is now. With a desire to thank her loyal, engaged customers, she and her team pursued a rewards program that would allow them to harness their existing Facebook community and have been blown away by the results.

  • 40.4K program members
  • 48% redemption rate
  • > 8,700 social interactions

Shine On has seen a 35% improvement in customer engagement since launching Shine On Rewards. This case study will tell you how they did it and what a truly engaged brand community looks like.

"Even though we really wanted to give back to our loyal customers, we didn't want to create a lot more work for ourselves. That's why I like Smile."

- Cliff Hopkins (General Manager, Shine On)

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