Shopify Case Study: Meal In A Jar

feeding customer loyalty one jar at a time

There are few things better than eating healthy on a regular basis, but long-lasting customer loyalty is one of them.  With a subscription-based business model, Meal In A Jar has been able to make healthy eating easy and rewarding with their Jar Bucks program.

  • 55% Repeat Purchase Rate
  • 23K Reward Member Revenue
  • 39K Repeat Purchase Revenue
  • 18% Redemption Rate

Discover what inspired them to turn to rewards, and learn more about their professionally branded and engaging rewards program.  Who knows? You might just find you've developed an appetite for customer retention...

"Thanks to, the Meal In A Jar team now has the tools it needs to reward our loyal customers for sharing our vision and coming back."
- Irene Divaris (President, Meal In A Jar)