Why Conversational Commerce is the Key to Community

October 16, 2018 Kirsten Burkard

We live in a world that’s constantly connected. With more communication channels all over the world, we can now carry on conversations with people all over the world, either in real time or not. From texting to email to social media, we are constantly talking to each other, sharing ideas and opinions about what we experience.

Conversational commerce uses messenger systems and chatbots to connect with customers in real time.

This preoccupation with staying in touch ushered in a new era of customer experience. By emphasizing real-time communication with customers, conversational commerce has significantly changed the ways brands interact with shoppers.

While this type of open dialog is beneficial for your entire customer experience, it’s particularly beneficial for your brand community for a number of reasons.

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1. Conversations deepen emotional relationships

There’s a reason parents focus on teaching their children how to carry on a conversation. Even though knowing how to speak is enough to communicate with others, the art of conversation is what allows you to truly get to know someone else. Through sharing experiences and asking questions, conversations provide the building blocks for building real connections with others.

One-to-one conversations offer an appealing invitation to join and engage with your brand community.

The same goes for your brand community. Customers no longer want to be sold to, which makes your ability to connect with them on a personal level more important than ever.

Taking the time to engage with them one-on-one not only creates a more appealing invitation to join and engage with your community, but also indicates a desire to know them personally. This goes a long way towards deepening your connection with each of your members, regardless of the screen that separates you.

2. Conversations make your brand more human

 One of conversational commerce’s biggest strengths is making your brand more relatable. When you create space for conversations between customers and your brand, you start to replicate the other relationships in their personal lives.

This not only makes your brand community more trustworthy, but also helps you relate to them as individuals and as a group. By making the effort to intentionally connect through conversation, you demonstrate a better understanding of who your customers are and what motivates them to choose brands like yours. 

Engaging customers in conversations is a great way to make sure they feel like they belong in your brand community.

Whether you use emojis or simply adopt a particular tone of voice, you can use conversations to invite customers into your community and help them feel like they belong there. These seemingly small choices have a huge impact on how likely they are to share your community with others, helping to extend your community’s reach beyond each singular conversation.


3. Conversations make your brand more approachable

This is arguably the most important reason to engage in conversational commerce. Conversations continue building on the trust customers have in your brand and transform you into someone they genuinely like. Through conversations, customers begin to see you as a friend who can provide recommendations, helpful opinions, and advice.

Use conversations to show customers they can trust you.

Each of these things make you more approachable and relatable to the members of your brand community. When customers know they can trust you and that you want to help them, they’ll be more likely to engage with you over time and encourage their friends to do so, too. By becoming more approachable, you expand the reach of your brand community and establish yourself as a brand who sees, appreciates, and honestly wants to improve every customer’s experience.

These factors separate you from those simply looking to make a sale, and establish you as the leader of customer experience.


Take the time to talk

When you make a point of starting conversations with your customers, you open countless opportunities to strengthen and improve your business. Taking the time to open a dialogue makes your brand feel more approachable and does wonderful things to deepen your emotional relationships with customers.

Each of these features work together to create a more enjoyable community experience, no matter what language you speak!

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