Powerful Magento Loyalty Emails with MageMonkey and Smile.io

April 9, 2015 Alex McEachern

One of the best compliments to a loyalty program is an email service provider that allows you to send emails that include point information. With ebizmarts’ new integration you can combine Smile.io with the power of Mailchimp on your Magento store. All you have to do is install the free MageMonkey Extension.

MageMonkey is a Magento extension that allows you to send emails from within your Magento portal using Mailchimp and Mandrill. The extension is installed on over 20,000 Magento stores in over 90 countries and now allows you to create Mailchimp segments based on loyalty point information.

MageMonkey allows you to send Mailchimp emails based loyalty program segmentation. By default you can segment based on: the amount of points a customer has, when a customer’s points are set to expire, the last time a customer spent points, and the last time they earned points. This sets you up to send some very powerful emails.magemonkey ebizmart magento admin image

Remind Customers That They Have Points to Spend

Loyalty points are most effective when customers get the positive feeling associated with spending their points. If a customer is not spending their points it is much easier for them to switch to a competitor than if they are truly engaged with your store.

MageMonkey allows you to easily send emails that encourage customers to spend their points. Simply segment  your Loyalty Program list by “Point Balance” set the requirements to be anyone with enough points to earn the minimum reward. If your first reward is at 500 points, you would segment by anyone with greater than a 500 point balance.

magemonkey have enough points for a rewardSegment customers based on number of points

This email would remind customers that they have enough points to claim a reward and would direct them to where they can redeem their points.magemonkey enough points

Point Expiration Emails

If you have set an expiration period on your loyalty points it becomes a great motivator to get a customer back to your store. With MageMonkey you can select a segment of customers based on their point expiration and tailor an email to get them to return.

You can create a segment for customers whose points are set to expire this month. You can do this by setting a segment based on point expiration. Just select  “is before” the end of the month and “is after” the start of the month. Finally select subscribers match “all” and you are good to go!

magemonkey points will expire this monthSegment customers based on point expiration

In this email you should notify customers that their points are set to expire this month and if they don’t redeem their points they will lose them. Sending emails like this are why you set an expiration in the first place, so you can get that unengaged customer back!magemonkey expiring points

Email Engaged Loyalty Program Members

Customers who are earning points regularly are engaged with your program and are coming back to purchase again and again. This is great for your business because repeat customers are the most profitable to your store. You should send these customers the occasional email thanking them for their continued business.

You can create a list of these engaged customers by segmenting based on “last time spending points.” You can create this by setting last time earning points “is after” whatever time period you are looking at. You could do this for the last 3 months, month or even week.magemonkey-earned-points-this-month-1.png

This email should thank these customers for their continued support of your store and be as personalized as possible. You can even thank them with a special gift or thank you code!magemonkey recently earned


Include Points in Abandoned Cart Emails

MageMonkey also allows you to add point balances to Magento abandoned cart emails. This is a feature I would recommend enabling. It allows you to further incentivize a customer to return. Just be sure that you are only showing point information to those who can actually use them.

You should only include point balances in your abandoned cart email if the customer has enough points to redeem for a reward. If your lowest reward is 500 points you should be sure to set that as “the minimum points to show” as seen below.magemonkey abandoned cart

MageMonkey & Smile.io

As you can see MageMonkey allows you to leverage Mailchimp to its fullest for Magento. It also allows you to maximize your loyalty email effectiveness. The Smile.io integration is now built into MageMonkey for your convenience, and best of all it is free. You can install the MageMonkey extension directly from ebizmarts site.

If you are using Mailchimp to power your email marketing this integration makes it super easy to use it with Smile.io as well. Try the extension for free below.

magemonkey get started CTA

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