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September 6, 2017 Alex McEachern

When you choose to run a rewards program you are most likely trying to increase the customer value of each of your shoppers. You do this by getting them to purchase more, more often, and a rewards program is a highly effective way to encourage this type of behavior.

Committing to reward marketing is much easier when you have one place to see everything about both your customers and your rewards program.  This bird’s eye view helps you create a seamless experience, and with’s HubSpot app, reward marketing is even easier!


How It Works

Once you install the HubSpot app, will begin to sync reward program information from your account to your HubSpot account.

Connect Your HubSpot Account

Connecting your accounts is easy! Just head to the apps section of your account and click install on the HubSpot app. If you are not on the correct plan, a rewards specialist can help you out.

Once you click install, login to your HubSpot account and authorize the data sync.

Data Starts Syncing

Once you install’s HubSpot app, an initial data sync will begin. This will match accounts in to corresponding HubSpot accounts. Depending on the number of customers in your program, this initial sync will vary in time to run.

After the initial sync is complete, your reward program info will be sent to the corresponding  contact record in HubSpot automatically.

Use Reward Program Info in HubSpot Marketing Tools

Now that your reward program information is being sent to HubSpot, you can start using the power of HubSpot to create different campaigns, emails, and lists!

Here are a few of the fields being sent to HubSpot:

  • Customer Points Balance
  • Customer Referral URL
  • Customer VIP tier


How to Use

How you use the HubSpot app is very dependent on what HubSpot tools you have access to. HubSpot has a multitude of different offerings that range from marketing automation to CRM. As a result, the tools you have will influence what is possible with this app.

Let’s go through a few of the ways to use the HubSpot app.

Create Lists

If you are using HubSpot’s marketing tools you have the ability to create lists. This is an extremely powerful tool as lists are the backbone for many other features and functionality within Hubspot, such as smart content and sending emails.

Since reward info is being added to HubSpot as a contact property, you can use these synced fields to create smart lists. Smart lists are lists that customers move in and out of depending on whether they match the correct criteria. You can also build old-fashioned static lists with reward data.

Send Emails

Once you have built lists, it becomes very easy to send reward program marketing emails through HubSpot. You can use lists to send tailored email communication to members who match specific criteria. This allows you to hyper-personalize email communication based on any number of things, including the following:

  • Whether the customer has enough points for a reward
  • If the customer is in your highest VIP tier
  • If the customer has a referral URL to share

Sending emails to segmented lists is complimented by the ability to add personalization tokens to your emails. These tokens allow you to use each customer’s unique reward values in these emails.

Keep Tabs on Your Customers

Even if you are only using HubSpot as a CRM, you still get to benefit from the HubSpot app. Once information starts getting synced to HubSpot, it becomes easy for your sales/support reps to know how engaged a particular customer is with your rewards program.

If someone is in your highest tier, your reps should give them the VIP treatment! If they have a high number of points, they may like to receive reward points as a thank you from your support team rather than your standard 15% off.


This is Just the Beginning

Our HubSpot app will always be growing and evolving based on your input and feedback. This is just one app in a growing list of apps that are designed to make your rewards program easier and more effective.

If you have an idea for an app that would improve your program, we would love to hear about it! Just leave your recommendation, as well as a brief description of how it would help, on our app suggestion page.  

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