Introducing Smile Apps

August 16, 2017 Alex McEachern

Today we are proud to announce the launch of Smile Apps! Smile Apps are pre-built integrations to help your business do more with - no coding required.

Smile Apps allow you to do more with Send emails with customer reward information, sync data to your CRM, or award points and rewards for actions performed in another marketing tool.

We’re excited to be launching 5 easy-to-use integrations, and this is just the beginning! You can check out the full list of available apps on our apps page.


How It Works

Smile Apps are designed to be easy to install, configure, and get you up and running quickly. It's really simple. 

Choose an App


Sync program member data to lists you have created in Mailchimp. Once you have synced your reward program info, you can send emails that include a customer’s point balance, referral link, and VIP tier. You can even segment your lists on these properties.



Send email communication to your reward program members. Reward information is pushed to Klaviyo so you can use it to segment lists and include a personalized value for each customer.



Automatically sync reward data to your contacts in HubSpot. Once it’s been synced, member data is automatically pushed to the customer view. See customer data in one place and create lists based on reward information such as point balances and tiers.



Reward points when a customer leaves a review through Yotpo. This can be restricted to only award verified buyers to reduce fraud.



Reward your customers for recurring orders the same way they are rewarded for regular one-time orders. 

Install in Just a Few Clicks

All Smile Apps are designed to be easy to setup. The apps we offer require just a few simple clicks to get ready and useable.

No need for a development team!


App Categories

Our current apps are broken into three categories to help empower your rewards program.  

Email Service Providers

These apps allow you to send emails to your members based on rewards program information such as point balances, referral links, and VIP tiers.

Customer Relationship Management

Designed to move information about your reward program members into other systems you are already tracking your customer information in.

Marketing Tools

Built to give you the opportunity to issue rewards for activities performed through other marketing applications such as review tools and recurring payments.  


More Apps On the Way

This is just the start for Smile Apps. We will continue to assess the apps we released today in order to ensure they are constantly improving and staying updated. We are also committed to bringing you new apps that make your rewards program more powerful, more efficient, and easier to use!

You can let us know what apps would be useful to you on our suggest an app page.

Smile Apps are available today on select paid plans! 

You can learn more about each app by clicking the links below:

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