How to Build the Ultimate Loyalty Program Explainer Page (With Examples)

April 3, 2018 Patrick Trochaniak

Your explainer page is what convinces your customers to join your loyalty program. Since you want to maximize the number of members in your program, building your explainer page should not be an afterthought.

We’ve done the work for you and found 8 brands with phenomenal explainer pages that perfectly showcase each of the elements you should be including on your own page. Taking the time to create an effective page that includes these important elements will ensure your enrolment is at an all time high.

Explain the Benefits of Joining

Klova Sleep Squad Explainer Page

Brand: Klova

Industry: Health & Wellness

You can maximize the number of customers who sign up for your loyalty program with an explainer page that makes it extremely obvious why your program is worth joining. This is done by highlighting the best features of your program such as exclusive invites to events, birthday rewards, or early access to new products.

Klova does an incredible job of explaining the benefits by showing they’re serious about giving out rewards. This is done by highlighting their value proposition front and center on their explainer page. Additionally, Klova shows you that points are easily earned by completing a wide variety of actions. This reassures the customer that the valuable rewards are attainable - not just an urban legend. Lastly, this explainer page communicates that joining the “Sleep Squad” will improve your overall shopping experience with minimal effort - making it a no brainer to join!

Make It Easy to Understand

e.l.f. Sleep Squad VIP tiers

Brand: e.l.f.

Industry: Cosmetics

If your program is easy to understand, it’s easier to join. The average person is enrolled in 12 loyalty programs already, which means they need to be sure that joining your program is quick and valuable. You only have a few seconds to convince them to join, so make sure you use them wisely! Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and critically assess how easy your program is to understand.

e.l.f. uses color gradients to simplify their program’s different VIP tiers. I don’t even need to read the text to understand that being a bright pink A-Lister carries more elite privileges than the pale, entry-level Glow Getter. This is a simple but extremely effective way to quickly highlight VIP privileges - something that’s especially important in industries built on status like cosmetics.

By listing their Beauty Squad tiers in this way, they turn the “A-Lister” into a status symbol that makes new customers instantly want to join their rewards program. In this case, something as simple as color selection creates a significant impact in motivation to enroll.

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Brand: Rockin’ Wellness

Industry: Food

Video is another great way to make your program easy to understand. Although creating a video isn’t required to have a great explainer page, Rockin’ Wellness created one to explain their program in 1 minute. In just 60 seconds, customers are given the who, what, and why of their Rockin’ Rewards program, getting them up to speed without the need to read anything!

With video marketing picking up speed, creating a video is a great way to make your explainer page highly visual, engaging, and easy to understand!

Showcase Your Rewards

RSP Rewards Explainer Page

Brand: RSP

Industry: Supplements

Showcasing your rewards on your explainer page is the best way to show customers how valuable it is to join. When customers see what they can earn for becoming a member of your program, they have a reason to join and get excited to start earning points.

RSP Nutrition understands this principle and has built their explainer page accordingly. The best part about the RSP Rewards explainer page is that it shows me exactly what rewards I can earn without even creating an account. This makes me want to join voluntarily, rather than feeling forced to join just to learn more about the program.

As a result, RSP has a better idea of how attractive their rewards are to their customers: the more people that join, the more evidence RSP has that their rewards are a truly valuable motivator for their best customers.

Show How to Earn Points

Brand: MUN

Industry: Skincare

One of the main reasons customers are visiting your explainer page is to learn how they can earn points to put towards the rewards you offer. They will be critically evaluating if your program is worth their time and effort during this stage, so make sure you show them that it is!

MUN’s explainer page is a great example of one that easily shows how to earn points. Not only do they explain it well, but they also convince their customers that the program is fun and exciting! By rewarding for social shares, making purchases, celebrating a birthday, and more, customers can quickly see that earning doesn’t stop with making purchases!

Their explainer page also takes the learning process to a whole new level with subtle animations and interactivity. These simple elements make a huge difference to customers who are looking for a one of a kind rewards experience. Even though I haven’t joined this rewards program yet, I can already tell that the focus will be on me once I join.

Make It Very Visual

Home Science Tools Explainer Page

Brand: Home Science Tools

Industry: Education 

Explaining your loyalty program with visuals is what takes your program from average to outstanding because images are processed 10 times faster than words! On top of that, people always prefer to look at pictures instead of huge blocks of text, making your explainer page a more enjoyable experience. Images can also help simplify concepts to make them easier to understand, allowing you to have an explainer page that minimizes confusion while maximizing enrolment.

With more images than text, Home Science Tools has built an explainer page that helps me understand their rewards program in just a few seconds. Home Science Tools uses custom icons to capture my attention and a small amount of supplementary text to give me the details. By condensing the ways points are earned into science-themed icons, this page also becomes very memorable. These elements all make this an extremely effective explainer page that’s much more likely to convert every customer into a dedicated program member.

Use Consistent Branding

Spectrum Explainer Page

Brand: Spectrum Collections

Industry: Cosmetics

Your rewards program should never be an afterthought. As an integral piece of your brand, it should be a clear extension of the rest of your customer experience. One of the best ways to promote this connection on your explainer page is through consistent branding. The images you post on social media, the products you sell on your website, and the stories you tell through email make up different parts of your brand and shouldn’t be forgotten when explaining your loyalty program.

One of my favorite examples of this is Spectrum. As a bright, fun cosmetics brand, they’ve chosen to give their explainer page a similar look and feel to the rest of their store. This makes their rewards program feel like an equally important part of their website and creates a premium experience for the customer that leverages the brand equity created through previous marketing efforts.

Spectrum Homepage and Rewards Program Branding

You can see this strong branding through every other aspect of their loyalty program as well. From the panel where customers actually earn and spend their points to their program emails, Spectrum has linked the look and feel of the rest of their website to their rewards. These efforts ensures customers stay engaged in the long run by creating a memorable and positive experience from top to bottom.

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Ensure It’s Mobile Friendly


Brand: Cents of Style

Industry: Apparel

Even if your loyalty program is already mobile friendly, you still need to ensure that your explainer page is, too. Ensuring it’s optimized for viewing on phones and tablets will provide a smooth customer experience that allows them to learn about and join your program on the go.

Cents of Style condenses all the information on their explainer page down into mobile-friendly columns so that it delivers the same experience on a phone as on a desktop computer. No matter where their customers are accessing it, this page is still simple, visual, and branded. This means that Cents of Style is not losing out on customers who prefer to shop on their phone and are still able to successfully apply the tips for a great explainer page that I’ve outlined above.

Now It’s Your Turn to Build an Outstanding Explainer Page!

Join this list of legendary explainer pages by building your own that clearly communicates what your rewards program is about. You can ensure your page is successful by incorporating these strategies:

  1. Explain the benefits of joining
  2. Make it easy to understand
  3. Showcase your rewards
  4. Show how to earn points
  5. Make it very visual
  6. Use consistent branding
  7. Ensure it’s mobile friendly

Have an amazing explainer page you want to show off? Share it with us on Twitter @smilerewards and who knows? You might see yourself on this list.

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