How Loyalty is Changing the Face of Competition in eCommerce

March 22, 2017 Kirsten Burkard

The concept of “retail” has changed a lot over the years.  Mom and Pop stores have been replaced with department store chains, making the days of carefully planning your shopping trips a thing of the past.  As customer demands have evolved and expanded, convenience and accessibility have become king.  These expectations have largely shaped the direction retail was heading, and have forced brands to adapt or risk being overlooked.

competition in ecommerce landscape

Now, brands are once again facing a learning curve in the form of ecommerce.  With platforms like Bigcommerce and Shopify making it easier than ever for anyone to start their own business, competition is exploding in every market.  Additionally, more and more customers are choosing to shop from their mobile devices, forcing brands to invest in mobile experiences and optimization.

With so many evolving elements to consider, it can be difficult to know where to start.  However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, might we make a suggestion?

Customer rewards.

competition in ecommerce top 10 NRF

Think about it: 100% of the top 10 retailers currently run a customer rewards program, and have reported up to 600% more combined revenue than competitors who aren’t rewarding for customer loyalty.  This consideration – among others – makes customer rewards the perfect avenue to begin expanding your business and making a significant impact in both the retail and ecommerce spaces.



The Vision

For the past five years, has accepted the challenges of this evolving commerce landscape and committed ourselves to helping every single business make their customers happy.  Whether it’s through referrals, points programs, or larger rewards programs, we believe that customer rewards are at the root of a wider vision for customer satisfaction, and have dedicated ourselves to educating brands and consumers alike on the long-lasting impacts of customer retention.

competition in ecommerce smile vision

As a result of this passion, we were honored to be included in a loyalty and rewards editorial published earlier this month by Media Planet.  In conjunction with USA Today, we were given the opportunity to share our thoughts on the role of rewards in ecommerce, alongside many other industry leaders and thinkers who share our excitement for what’s coming next in the world of rewards marketing.  

competition in ecommerce usa today CTA

The team is looking forward to many big and exciting things in the near future, and are thrilled to include this publication as another step in our company’s journey.

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